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Dino Parties with Ranger Jack
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If you're looking for a fun and exciting dinosaur party you've come to the right place!

With a dinosaur themed magic show, balloon dinosaurs for all the children and a dinosaur party disco all your guests will have a wild time.

Ranger Jack covers a wide area in the South. From West and South London all the way across to Salisbury, including Reading, Southampton, Winchester, Portsmouth and anywhere in between.

Happy children lifting their arms whilst taking part in a Dino Party with Ranger Jack
Happy children smiling whilst taking part in a Dino Party with Ranger Jack
Happy children participating whilst taking part in a Dino Party with Ranger Jack
A Dinosaur Party with Ranger Jack is a complete 2 hour package

A Dinosaur Party with Ranger Jack is a complete 2 hour package.

From start to finish Ranger Jack will look after the running of the party and make sure everything runs smoothly.​

The Party starts with a 40 minute dinosaur themed magic show. The show is loads of fun with plenty of audience participation and the birthday boy or girl gets to be the star of the show.​

Then there's a meet and greet with Nip, a 'real live' baby Tyrannosaurus Rex. It's the perfect photo opportunity and something all the children will never forget.

Then the children sit down to eat and Ranger Jack will go round the table making each of the children their own balloon dinosaur to take home (they don't have to have a dinosaur, Ranger Jack can make lots of other animals too).

​After the children have finished eating it's time for the dino disco. The disco will get all the children involved and includes dancing competitions, dinosaur themed party games, and action songs. Ranger Jack makes sure that the games are all inclusive so none of the children are sat on the sidelines waiting for the next game.

All the prizes are provided so you can just sit back and enjoy the show.

Price for the full 2 hour party:

£285 on Saturday and Sunday

£240 from Monday to Friday​

There are no hidden fees or charges for extra children and no additional cost for travel time.

Happy feedback provided by Ranger Jack's previous clients

Also meet Nip a 'real live' baby dinosaur!

It's the perfect birthday photo opportunity with a real baby T-Rex.

The children will be so amazed when she purrs and growls.

Ranger Jack offers a complete 2 hour dinosaur themed party package and the running of the party is all taken care of for you.

Ranger Jack has been entertaining children for over 10 years and knows how to make your dinosaur party run smoothly

When booking an entertainer, if you've never seen them before, there are a few things to take into account. Ranger Jack has been entertaining children for over 10 years and knows how to make your dinosaur party run smoothly.

​Ranger Jack has a DBS check.

All electrical equipment is regularly PAT tested.

Ranger Jack has full Public Liability Insurance.

​All documents are available on request.

Here's a few tips to help make your party stress free

Organising a children's party can be a daunting experience, but it doesn't have to be. Here's a few tips to help make your party stress free...


DECORATIONS: Balloons, banners and streamers are a cheap and effective way to transform your home or hall into a party venue. Don't go overboard though as too much will mean more time setting up before your party and more time tidying up at the end. Balloons are the quickest and cheapest way to brighten up a space, but if you're expecting a lot of guests make sure the balloons are stuck or tied down, if you scatter them around the floor they're a major distraction especially during the show.

PARTY BAGS: Party Bags can be expensive if you go overboard. Some sweets, a slice of birthday cake and a small toy or some stickers is enough for most young children. Often shops like The Works do a deal where you can buy 10 books for £10. If you give each child a book rather than a party bag the parents will thank you for it. If you book Ranger Jack he'll make each child a balloon animal to take home with them as well.

GUESTS: It's natural for your child to want to invite the whole of their school class, if you're expecting a lot of children a local hall is always better than having the party at home. Ranger Jack doesn't have a limit on the number of children you can invite, so the more the merrier. Make allowances for parents to bring along siblings as childcare can sometimes be difficult. Not all parents will stay for the whole party so take a mobile number from those who won't be there.

FOOD: The best way to organise the food is to make an individual plate (or box) of food for each child. This way each child will get the same and you won't have the problem of loads of leftovers. This also means that the children are more likely to eat all their food. Paper plates or party food boxes are cheap and easy to clear away. You may want to make a few extras for unexpected guests such as siblings. If you're going to do a buffet or put large plates out on the table, make sure to stagger it so that the sweet stuff (fruit, cakes and biscuits) comes out after the other food or you'll find some children just eat a few biscuits and you'll be left with a lot of leftovers.

INVITATIONS: It's always best to hand out a paper invite with all the details on it, emails or text messages can be deleted by mistake, but a paper invite can be stuck on the fridge. A pad of invites is inexpensive (less than £2 on ebay) or if you book Ranger Jack, let him know how many invites you'd like and he'll post them to you at no extra charge. 

Make sure to put your contact number on the invite so people can RSVP.


PLAN AHEAD: It may seem obvious, but it really is important to plan ahead. If you have a hall you definitely want, you may need to get in early to ensure you can get the date you want. Also if you leave it too late, it could mean some of your child's friends become double booked and can't make it.

Dino Parties with Ranger Jack are free as part of the booking
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